RobinHood Adventures got it's roots in 2015 as an after school Action Sport program for Special Needs / Learning Disabled children. Re connecting them with nature via skateboarding, surfing, and fishing has done wonders for their behavior at home and their communities. We have since expanded the program for All Kids special needs or not! We are very excited to be offering Summer Camps as well as almost year round After school programing.  



To share decades of Experience in Outdoor Sports knowledge with our communities youth. In addition to insuring that our students enter the oceans, skate parks and wilderness areas both safely and responsibly. Our approach is grounded in the critical importance of environmental awareness. Encouraging young adults to make conscious, sustainable choices now is paramount to their future success in today's world.


robin caddell

RHA Founder, 

Growing up, my younger brother had multiple learning and behavioral issues. Luckily, our playground was the wild and diverse open spaces of the Bay Area. I took it upon myself to introduce him to as many activities as I could where he was safely challenged by nature to be patient, calm and focused. In time he mastered not only a handful of sports but also his differences. For me, skateboarding and surfing became a profession that allowed me to travel throughout Asia, Australia, Mexico, South America as well as across the U.S. Over the years I've also worked as a Youth Camp Counselor, Hospice Aid, Line Cook, and Commercial Fisherman. Throughout all my travels and occupations my connection to service and nature has brought me the most joy. It is with that joy that I offer RobinHood Adventures.